once upon a time in america?


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I know there was a thread about this film a week or so ago but i can`t seem to locate it, anyway cd wow are selling this as are
fut ent, the specs seem slightly different in that fut ent might be a better version or is this a mistake and they are in fact exactly the same copy of the film.
I`ve got to have this film as i can`t wait till a "decent" version, if ever is released.
Thanks for going over the same ground with me.
Whats it to be cd wow or fut ent? or no difference.
I believe that they are one and the same and that Future Ent have got the specs wrong.

My copy is from CDWow and has the same catalogue number as the one given on Future Ents website.

My copy is 4:3 pan and scan, it freezes at the layer change and lip sync goes badly wrong about half way through.

Having said that, I dont know how long it will be before a decent version is released, so its better than nothing.


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I would Imagine its the same as they also have the Name Of The Rose listed too. I just think they have a distributor in Canada now as well as in Europe.:(

Edit: Whoops sorry Mac you beat me to it.

Rambo John J

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My copies of OUATIA and TNOTR won't even play on my machine. I know it's not the discs (both have been exchanged twice) so I'm hanging on to them until I get round to buying another player in the next couple of months.
Beware, there seem to be plenty of compatibility problems surrounding these 2 discs.

The other option is the "original" Brazilian flipper of OUATIA that the Greek disc is mastered from, still available from places like www.hkflix.com. Like I said, it's a flipper, but it doesn't have the lipsynch or freezing problems found on some players

Rambo John J

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They get my seal of approval. Cheap international shipping, and you can buy authentic Korean noodles online from them too:p
I've ordered plenty of stuff.

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