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We are in the process of renovating our home, and as part of that installing a new kitchen in a 24ft x 14ft room with a pitched roof so quite a decent space to fill. At the far end of the room it has a floor to ceiling Gable end window so I would like to keep that end free from clutter as much as possible.

I want to get some installed music in there with some relatively discrete on-wall speakers, likely white to blend into the decor.

It's not something I've really got into so looking for some advice.

I don't have any cavities to install into so the speakers will need to be wall mounted. I was planning on using passive speakers shown as Red Dots in the attached image and running the speakers from a source (likely a Yamaha WXA-50 for example) and amp hidden away.

Given the size of the room, a subwoofer would feel overkill but may be required?

Any ideas? Budget around £500-£1k I guess for the speakers and amp.


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Dali do a number of on wall speakers - the Oberon LCR it at the bottom end of the budget, the Sonus Faber Sonetto wall is nearer the top as is the monitor audio sound frames. The Kef LS50 are also available in white bet may be too deep.


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Or perhaps a pair of

or go 7" if the 8s are too big - with mounting brackets. Add:

All of that combined will be less than £1,000. And if you don't need wifi/eth streaming you can just use BT and save some cash.

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I have these behind the sofa on a wall for my rear surrounds, sound great, not deep and look gorgeous with grills on, off, they are pretty cool too, a good dealer may get them under £750, not leaving much for an amp though, maybe slightly higher spec ex demo unit or likes of yamaha above??

I'll post a pic with grill when there is daylight..
This is at night with warm lighting, they are cool bright white in reality
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