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Hi guys not had much success recently enlisting help on this site so I am hoping for more luck this time. With my equipment as listed below with component connections going from the Topfield and the DVD recorder to the Panasonic receiver inputs and then from the monitor component out of the receiver to the plasma I am unable to get the receiver on-screen-display to work. The manual says a connection is required from monitor out but doesnt say it cant be component. Am I right in thinking that it will only work with an output in composite and not component ? as I can think of no other reason.
If thats the case its a real pain with the plasma only having composite inputs by the way of scart is going to mean yet another lead to be fed through an already crowded route.
Second question is that with my receiver if I used a HDMI lead from it to the plasma would the signals being sent to the receiver from component inputs and optical audio then be transmitted via the HDMI enabling me to do away with the component to the plasma ? or is it as I suspect just a switching facility that will only output on HDMI what is input on HDMI ?
I would really appreciate any input on this. Thanks.


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Few recivier send stuff via component (my guess is because progessive or interlaced could be sent, a video processor would be needed to put the overlay on the one if the other was native), i believe your amp is just a switching unit and dosen't have analouge to digital upconversion, so you'd still need component for those sources.

Most on screen displays are not much better than that which is on the LCD display, it may be worth sticking a composite to scart converter in for setup as it probly won't give you any more information than the units lcd anyway in normal use.


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Thanks for that gaz looks like my less knowledgable intuitions are in-tune with your thinking. At least I can still live with it as it is without too much disapointment and as you say the LCD display does do the job. Any other thoughts still welcomed though.
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