On/Off switches on wireless keyboard and mouse


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Now this query will probably cause some mirth among you but as I have always previously used a wired keyboard and mouse, I'm unsure about the use of the on/off switches on a new Logitech desktop set I've got. Do I set these to off when the PC is not in use? Can't find anything in the literature that came with them.


Mine are left powered on at all times - the mouse powers itself down within a few seconds of no use, and the keyboard uses hardly any power anyway. I try to remember to recharge the mouse every few days, but always forget to put it on the charging cradle. I use the PC for at least 3 hours per day (often 6+ though) and the mouse last a week or more and the keyboard >2 months (4x 2650mAh NiMH AA rechargables).

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