on going nightmare... av amp & roksan not getting on!


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I have posted before on behalf of a mate, he wants his home cinema and roksan kandy amp to work together for movies and good stereo...However he is having problems.
Av amp is the Marantz 6300 running pre outs left & right to the roksan. He has tried new van den hull phono leads better speaker cable and seperating components to avoid overheating.
This is the problem... Firstly when he does the test tone for av set up the left & right channels are very muted compared to the other channels, he has set the Roksan vol nob to 12 o clock as you should. This has led him to de- crease other channels quit a bit -6 , the movie playback in his words is crap with very poor dynamics, overpowered wallowy bass and sometimes distortion through rear channels........Any ideas! I have to add there is not a dedicated input for Av on the Roksan [as with my Audiolad 8000s] so he is using whats available [not sure what, could be tape or pre-in] Anyway he has been on weeks and spent over £200 trying to improve things but to no avail.... :suicide:


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It is probably down to the fact that the Roksan Kandy amp has a fairly low gain level, askm him to try setting it up with the Roksan amp at about 3 'O' Clock on the volume this should help with dynamics too. The other alternative is for him to get a stereo amp that has a dedicated AV bypass input on it. Suggestions would be the Arcam A80 and A90 or the Musical Fidelity A308 which is what I currently use to drive my fronts with my Pioneer AX3.


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off!Thanks for the reply [at least i got 1 !:clap: ] Crustyloafer.
I have told him to try and run a movie seperating amps from one another altogether.
This is how
Using the built in proccesor [D/D DTS] in his sony dvd player, take the 5.1 phono outputs to the amps as follows, front left right to Roksan, Centre and surrounds+ sub to Marantz. I know he is going to have problems with matching volume control and am open to suggestions [maybe he can increase volume through dvd player and just match all speakers at a fixed volume.]
Anyway at least keeping amps apart should tell him if its a amp matching problem. :smashin:


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Martian1, I use a Roksan Kandy Mk3 amp together with a Denon 3802 surround receiver. I initially had it set up as you describe, utilising the pre-outs of the Denon into the Roksan, setting the roksan volume to 12 O'clock etc - can't say I experienced any problems with this, other than the fact the wife could not get her head around the fact that both amps need to be switched on, and the Roksan volume had to be set to 12 O'clock to watch a DVD.

So, I purchased a QED speaker switch box, this enables me to wire my front speakers into both the Roksan and Denon at the same time. If we want to watch a DVD we set the switch to the Denon, if we want to listen to a CD we set the switch to the Roksan. This saves mucking about with volume levels and 2 amps just to watch a DVD. I haven't noticed any decrease in sound quality in the introduction of the QED switch box either.

Hope this is of some help (and that I explained it well enough).

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