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Hi there,

Hope someone can help!

I want to buy a DVD camcorder for the usual videoing of the kids. It will be to replace our aged Hi8 cam. I'm not really keen on the idea of downloading and editing footage, and would much prefer the simplicity of ejecting the disk and playing it right away.

Also quite happy to sacrifice a little in quality

Anyway, the question is this. Once in a while when using the Hi8 camcorder, we like to wind the tape back a bit to remove a bit of the footage we've just shot (kids having an argument etc). I want to know is it possible to do the same on the DVD cam, (before finalising/ejecting/or whatever you do to the disk when its full) otherwise of course I will end up with the footage on the PC and being edited, which I want to avoid.

Hope you can help!


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If you want to play your disc on most DVD players, you cannot do any editing in the camcorder. The exception is if your DVD player/recorder supports VR or RAM mode discs. VR mode is a way of formatting a -RW disc, and you can do deleting and splitting of scenes in the camcorder. Most DVD players won't play VR mode discs, but DVD recorders and PC DVD drives usually will.
RAM discs are only supported by some camcorders (eg Hitachi), but usually cannot be played by most players, and even a lot of PC DVD drives won't recognise RAM discs. They will also allow in camera editing.



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