On board prog scan


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I am sorry if I am breaking the rules as I have posted a somewhat similar question on the projector forum.
I would like a display, prob projector but not too expensive and wondered whether an onboard prog decoder can out match one on a DVD player?
I would like to spend as little as poss, our living room is quite small and a TV will still be used.


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depends on the PJ mate! What are you thinking of? Z2 (good DVD better deinterlacer), H56 close call, Higer spec PJ stick with interlaced component and let the player deinterlace!


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I don't intend to spend too much.
I haven't seen many in action but would like to think something around the Panasonic 200 will be enough for the little use it will get. I expect to use it for movies at the weekend, I have too many players and another, e.g. sony 730/930 will only be allowed if I shift some kit.

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