on best router/modem for xboxlive talk talk


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hi everybody and thks in advance for any help
could anyone please advice me which is the best wireless modem/router for xbox live on talk talk . my current one is a zyzel g type and my son keeps on moaning about it dropping out . i have looked on the talk talk website and one they suggest is the netgear dgn2000.any suggestions highly appreciatted and thanks again also MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO


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You should maybe investigate why its dropping out first before spending money............

Try the program inSSIDer to establish what other wireless sources are close by and the possibility of interference..........:smashin:


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thanks media man i will try that however i forgot to mention i can only get a signal occasionally in my downstairs back room ( router is located in bedroon) would that be be because the g type is not strong enough if that is the case would i not be better off replacing with n type anyway ?if so which router for talk talk sorry to be pain . please forgive my ignorance and thanks in advance happy new year regards peter


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There's no difference between the signal "strength" of G and N. If you are getting poor signal reception from a G AP, there's no reason for it to be any better with an N AP - it could even be worse!

Don't for get that wifi is a two way street: AP's transmit to client devices, client devices transmit to AP's. It's perfectly possible that the reason for sessions "dropping out" is because the client can't transmit a good enough signal for the router to "hear."

To echo the previous response - I'd suggest you read the Wi-Fi interference FAQ in this forum before spending any money. It may be that all you need to do is change radio channels.
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