On average how often do you watch a film once you have bought it?



2 - 3 times generally. Sometimes more, sometimes just the once.


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I bought Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy about a year ago ,not watched it yet!!!!................ Jim


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Originally posted by crazzy kopite

Way I see it, it costs £6.50 for a cinema ticket then a couple of quid petrol and a couple more for drinks and popcorn. I might as well buy it brand new at least if it is good I can watch again.
only one cinema ticket! :( ...it costs me around £20......(2x6 plus popcorn, juice, beer(in the foyer before hand) & petrol etc...
not been to the cinama since i got my projector though....:smoke:
even the girlfriend loves it. so the trips to the cinema looks to be coming to an end. (maybe just for major movies)

i only buy films that i think are gonna be good be it from reviews or having actors/actresses that i like. if i do like it then i can watch a number of times, i just rent the others....if i do like it after renting i'll buy when its in the sales.

as we just had an indiana jones trilogy weekend and now its going to be a bond month or however long that takes, and i've seen all them at least 3 times on dvd. then a LOTR sesh when ROTK EE comes out. and i've watched the first two a few times.

its just down to the material:smashin:

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