On average how often do you watch a film once you have bought it?

Reason I ask is because I tend to buy films I have not seen mostly on region 1 before they hit the cinema and tend not to watch it again.
It is very rare I watch a film more than once but I prefer to buy a film from brand new especially with all the scrathes you get if it is rented.
Way I see it, it costs £6.50 for a cinema ticket then a couple of quid petrol and a couple more for drinks and popcorn. I might as well buy it brand new at least if it is good I can watch again.

Latley I have bought films but buy more films even though I have not seen the last lot I bough.
On average how often do ytou watch the films you buy?

Phil Jones

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hey tony :)

I've watched all the films except one in my collection at least 5 times. Pearl Harbour being the one i've not watched more than twice (someone gave it to me :() And i've watched some of them upwards of 25 times i reckon.


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Have you only got three or four disc's in your collection :confused: or just a lot of time on your hands :D

Have to say I've got close to 200 discs and rarely get chance to watch them more than once.


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I've seen the films in my collection at least once. Most at least twice. And I've seen quite a few upward of 10 times :D

I've got about 230 DVDs, counting boxsets as 1.


Depends on the film, many i have seen 4+ times say, where as others i have seen just the once i do actually have some that i havent watched yet. The main thing is just getting the time especially when some movies can be quite long. Now i have recently got a pj i do intend to try and watch them all again at least once to get the big screen effect, so that should take me to about 2019 :rolleyes:


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only a handful of my collection do i watch over and over... re: evil dead series and kevin smith movies. problem is i've got 850 dvds + so it's difficult to find the time! :D


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I watch the dvd that I buy more than ones but after one year that I have seen it the first time


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As inzaman says it really depends on the DVD in question - some I have watched loads, other once or not at all... In fact I still have loads that I haven't watched yet - the problem is I always seem to be in the mood to watch a film that I haven't bought yet, and then once I've bought it I want to see something else! :rolleyes: :D


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Surely it would be more economical for the people that buy films and only watch them once to buy them on PPV or rent them? :confused:

I have approx. 60 dvd's and i've watched them all at least 7 or 8 times, I only buy dvd's of films I love though. I won't buy a **** one (IMO) no matter how cheap they have it on cdwow.com! :D


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i have to admit that most i watch only once...... i buy them on the basis of having a collection such that any time i dont have a new one, or when i have friends, there is always something or other that i could watch again


John Luc

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I have 100 + DVDs in my collection I watched them all at least twice with some favourites more than that e.g
The godfather collection stopped counting after reaching 10
Star Trek Collections stopped counting after reaching 10
Highlander 8 times
List could go on

Best Regards

John Luc

Richard Moore

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Depends. I have two types of DVD - those I really like and have bought because I know I will watch them repeatedly. And those that were cheaper to buy than watch at the cinema/ppv etc. In the case of the latter I have to factor in popcorn :)

Hence the reason I very rarely pay over £10 for a film. In fact that's become my upper limit since I started buying on-line. I find patience a great help in this. Generally all films end up in the bogof or twofers rack in the end.

Unlike some friends I tend to buy what's on special offer rather than searching out this months releases. Pay £15+ for a film - no way.


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I used to watch Aliens twice a week for about 6 months, but I general each dvd I own (130+) gets watched at least twice a year.


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Yep, I'm with the rest of you, it really does depend on the film, regardless of the size of your collection.

I've watched "Jurassic Park" about 5 times, "Gladiator" (Ridley Scott's drama, not the awful naff martial arts flick of the same name) at least 3 times, and "The Insider" at least 8 or 9.

Some of my anime titles, I've also watched at least 3 times each, and the same with some of my fave horror films.


Ed Selley

Hi-Fi Editor
Watched some films to death (Fight Club, Apocalypse now) and often watch a Band of Brothers episode when telly is a bit slow. I think I've watched every one of the 160 odd films I own at least twice. The good lady's 200 or so have not been so heavily scrutinised- her older films (All about Eve, You can't take it with you etc) are great but my views on "How to lose a guy in 10 days" will go unrecorded.


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Originally posted by Darth_Fisto
I've seen the films in my collection at least once. Most at least twice. And I've seen quite a few upward of 10 times :D

I've got about 230 DVDs, counting boxsets as 1.

Same here, like, word for word.

Racquel Darrian

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I don't watch terrestrial TV and hence only watch DVDs!
I've watched certain films over 100 times (favourites)!

I have well over 600 DVDs now and watch at least one per day.

Often I'd put one in, watch my favourite bits and then put another in!

The Pod race in Star Wars 1 being a prime example or the club scene in Blade 2 being another!


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I've recently streamlined my collection down to only films I love and would ever watch again. Now that includes things I have watched so many times that it might be years before I can bring myself to watch them again. But if its a film I love I'll keep it just in case.

Strangely, for all the dvds I own I still find I've never got anything I fancy watching, yet if something I own is on tv I always fancy it and end up watching it :rolleyes:


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What bothers me is the number of DVDs (probably about 20) which have been sitting on the shelf not even watched once yet :rolleyes:

Maybe I'm just avoiding that impulse buy of Flesh For Frankenstein & Blood Of Dracula from 3 years ago:D :D :D


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Im with the rest of you aswell there are only a couple of DVD's which i have watched over and over again like Training Day, Belly, 51st State and Exit Wounds.

Alot of DVD's which i know are excellent like Narc, Friday The 13th and Mr Deeds (I.M.O) i ahve only watched one or maybe twice.


Kazuya Mishima

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Originally posted by ferris57
Strangely, for all the dvds I own I still find I've never got anything I fancy watching, yet if something I own is on tv I always fancy it and end up watching it :rolleyes:

God yes, me too! Isn't modern life hell? :D

As Neo would say, "the problem is choice."


I've got quite a few comedy DVDs that get played a lot (especially Spaced, Black Books and Look Around You).

I've got a fair few films that I've only seen once. However, they've been lent to friends quite often, and I borrow quite a few in return. I guess that makes buying as cheap as renting, but at least you know who to blame if they get scratched!


DVDs I bought and never watched fully - Terminator, Final Fantasy, Jurassic Park 3 (to complete the 2 boxset) and Oceans Eleven.

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