OMG...MS Genie sounds like crap for music!




Really need your help on this one. Based on my recommendation, my best friend bought the MS Genie with the Marantz 4500.

OMG...it really sounds like crap for music...as bad as a cheap 50 quid radio! Though the quality of your dvdp (using it for music...cd playback) is questionable...entry level LG dvdp...surely it can't be that bad. Checked all the settings on the Marantz and everything seems Ok. It's not as bad for movies but sound still unacceptable. She is trying so hard not to show her disappointment but I can see it in her eyes.

Can anyone here offer some advice? I know lifestyle systems compromise on sound quality, esp. on music..cd playback, but this is ridiculous. Is there anything I could be doing wrong? What is What HIFI talking about! Gave it 5 stars!



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whats is it that sounds so poor? how is sub set-up or connected? and are you using multichannel or stereo? one option is pop to local RS and buy (with intention to return for full refund) a better disc spinner a Marantz CDP perhaps to RULE DVD out of problem and also have they been run in?


Hi Hornydragon,

Sub is connected via sub out to receiver. Though for music it sounds very boomy (probably can fix the problem) the overall sound lacks any kind of definition, harsh sounding, constricted etc, etc. Will check everything out again this weekend. You won't believe the sound...nothing, no cds I throw at it sounds like the system could be worth more than 50 quid! I will loan her my pioneer dvdp this weekend and see if things improve.

Keep the input coming. BTW any Genie owners here? Your input?



oh yeah...system is 4 days old. But really, surely it can't be sp far off. Stereo option used. Movies OK but not unlike an el cheapo HTIB.



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I own a MS Genie sytem and while it's not the best for music (sub/sat systems will never be brilliant for music use) it comfortably beats my £150 Panasonic DAB radio.

I did find it was lacking with music when I used Dolby II Music processing. I use a HTPC to feed my receiver an analogue music signal and had to apply EAX audio effects before I was happy with the output. By itself it sounded a bit flat and lifeless.

I'm surprised that it doesn't sound good with movies as that's its strong point. I've used a variety of different DTS and DD movies with it and in all cases it has sounded great. The speakers took a bit of time to settle in but that didn't make a noticeable difference to sound quality. I'm sorry I can't help you with your problems but I don't think the speakers are to blame for the poor sound. Or at least they're not as bad as what they appear to be at the moment.


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I cannot believe it can be that bad!

Remember, an AV Amp + sub/sat system is not as "plug and play" as a stereo system...

You must ser the proper Xover frequency spe<ker setup and channel levels.

The MS Genie CD and SPL meter can help you with that!

I helped a friend of mine buying is AV system and he's very well impressed with is SR5500+MS Genie setup with both music and movies...


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DVD players are not very good for cd playback especially cheap ones.

Junk in, Junk out

Invest in a cd player it will make all the difference.

It does sound as if you have the sub in a bad position if its booming and/or the x-over to high. Try moving the sub about and if you have one use a Sound meter to set the rest of the system up.

Also the quality of the the analogue cables from the dvd to the amp can make a difference tot he sound quality.


I bought the kef kht 2005.2 system, sub n sat setup like the genie.

It was ok with movies but crap with music, on twiddling with sub settings I could get it to sound better with music but then it sounded bad with movies. Had it a week and then I took it back and luckily the shop exchanged it for me.


Thanks guys for all your input. Actually store will send someone on Monday to calibrate and see what is wrong.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks again!


I'd agree with all the comments,you have a poor source,poor stereo amp,and poor AV speakers,no wonder it doesn't sound to hot.But if you get it calibrated,but still not sorted,it's easy to improve.for $50dollars,you can get the sonic impact T-amp,from www.partsexpress.com,its very basic,looks like a toy,but it sounds superb,it's just for one source,i.e CD.

Then add the NOS dac(£120e-bay) to the DVD player,so it's a transport only,this will improve CD playback aswell.then see how it sounds,I'm convinced it will be better for not a great exspense.

Later change the speakers.

Ed Selley

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Beyond the advice here, look out for wayward crossover settings, subs out of phase and peculiar level settings, all of which can do in for stereo performance easily as much as slightly questionable CD playback of a DVD player.

Neil Fellows

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I have the genie's running through a Samsung 945 dvd player (and an old Nad 305 amp) and have to say that for x2 channel cd music (with no sub running) they are astoundingly good. I was amazed just how good the Samsung was considering it is a DVD player. I'm connecting it up to a Denon 3805 in a few days, and will enable the sub - i'm (hopefully) expecting great things after calibration. Don't know if the Nad will do a better job, but I doubt it.


Thanks for your advice guys. Sounds a little better now but still no where near what we heard at the store.

Will keep you posted.

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