OMG: How much space????? AX5i



Hi guys & girls

Just about ready to unpack my new AX5i amp.......

Thought I would read the instructions (again)......

Surely this mus be a misprint: -

VENTILATION: When installing this unit, make sure to leave space around the unit for ventilation to improve heat radiation (at least 60cm (YES CM!!!!:confused: :confused:) at the top, 10cm at the rear and 30 cm at each side.

If I follow the instructions, surely I would have to place the unit somewhere all on its own i.e not in a rack????

Anyone else bothered to read the instructions BEFORE installing???




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I wouldn't worry about it too much. I have my AX3 in the bottom shelf of an Atacama Equinox rack which leaves about 2 inches of space above it before the next shelf, never had any problems.


I'd say 5 cm at the top of an AV amp is essential. More is generally a luxury...

I have experience with both Yamaha and Marantz AV recievers... Those things only get very hot when playing at high volume for long periods, and even then it's not that bad. Assuming you have reasonably sensitive speakers you'll be using no more than 1/4 volume on your amp and heat levels will be fine.

gmt steve

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I noticed this when I first got my AX10, since 60cm is 2 feet I just assumed they meant 6cm. Mind you, the AX10 gets very, very hot
(4ohm speakers) and I have ended up putting it on an Artacama Equinox base unit which gives it about 10ft clearance, so you could say I'm playing it safe.:D


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You shoyld be fine, Pioneer do this to make sure that there amps do not over heat. The amp has a heat sensitive fan and a volume sensitive fan, when this kicks in (it does on around -18 on the volume) turn it down. If you are worried, run a demanding film like a james bond film and see how hot it gets, if it is very hot then put it on a separate shelf.:hiya:

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