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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by TommyP, Nov 7, 2002.

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    Decided that I need a well deserved Xmas prezzie and my ex-rental Philips 4:3 really ain’t big enough so I was thinking time for a new Widescreen TV.

    Started originally looking at Philips but decided that they were a little costly but Panasonics seemed to have decent picture quality and still be a few quid cheaper.

    Started looking at the 32PL10 which seems to get reasonable reviews, moiré isn’t a problem as I only own one R1 DVD so no need for an NTSC signal and sound isn’t an issue as I’m hoping to invest in a nice set of separates at a later date.

    Seen the PL10 for £999 online from Comet but also a shop near my house sells it for £699. Comet offer a price promise to match any price + beat it by 10% of the difference so even using my maths that’s a 32PL10 for £670.

    Bargain or could I spend my budget of approx £700 on something better?

    Thanx, Tom :D

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