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Omega Labyrinth - 2015 breast game of the year


Distinguished Member
Perky dungeon crawler is reviewing ok, lots of cheeky fun, and many unique mechanics to boot!
It's also a semi rogue-like, whereby you lose equipment if you die.

Intro movie (may be NSFW, depending on your view of cartoon/anime dodginess) - J-Pop! J-rock guitar solos! Tentacles!


Aina will encounter monsters. Each one she kills will release ω-power—a powerful energy that will make her stronger in battle and can used as a special currency. It’s also stored in a woman’s chest—meaning that the more monsters she kills, the larger her breasts will become.

On the gameplay side, Omega Labyrinth is a turn-based dungeon crawler. You choose two characters, enter into a procedurally generated dungeon and descend floor-by-floor toward the bottom—killing monsters and gathering loot.

You completely control the first character. The second character follows behind and will automatically attack any monster you engage in combat.

Identifying items is... err... interesting... (possibly NSFW like above)



Distinguished Member
lol... no videos with actual gameplay? I might be interested if the gameplay is worth a damn. But if it's one of those games like Etrian Odyssey where you have to map out the room and stuff then I'm not interested.


Well-known Member
This review on play-asia tells you all you need to know:

"Basically like any other Rogue like games (E.G. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)but more focused on BOOBS. So if you like both of these I would recommend checking the game out!"

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