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Any advice/suggestions are most welcome. I'm a little peeved with the service I've received, but my story so far goes like this...

I recently bought an Oly E-510 and figured to either keep my E-500 as a second body, or give it to my young daughter. As soon as I received and looked through the new camera's viewfinder I realised that the viewfinder in the E-500 looked decidedly "dirty"

I rang Olympus UK, paid a tenner to send the camera to their technicians - the camera is still under warranty - and waited. After a couple of weeks the online status of my repair changed from "Viewfinder system requires attention" to "Completed". Another week or so and my "repaired" camera was returned to me.

Initial impressions were good, the viewfinder showed less "dirt"... but it was far from clear. A quick phonecall and the E-500 was booked to be collected from me next day. A couple of weeks later and, again, the online status changed to "Repair completed"...

Another week's wait and I received my camera... with an obviously STILL "dirty" viewfinder!

Another phonecall to Olympus, and this time a very helpful lady organised my camera to be collected from me again, this time I would get a new camera! Happy days.

Until I check the online status earlier today and see we're back to "Viewfinder requires attention". So I ring Olympus - and get the distinct impression that the camera is likely to be repaired rather than replaced. :(

I should know for definite after four o'clock this afternoon, but in the mean time... has anyone else had dealings with Olympus UK where things have "dragged on" etc?


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A quick update -

Just had a phone call from the lovely Debra at Olympus UK. She's going to send me a new Olympus E-510, so I'm a happy bunny. :)

So, overall - they're camera servicing may have left a little to be desired, but Olympus' customer service seems to be first rate. :thumbsup: Just a little disappointed that I couldn't blag an E-520... :devil:


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Sounds like an entirely frustrating experience Mark, but it all seems to have worked out well in the end........they may even post your 'repaired' E-500 back to you if you are lucky :D


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...they may even post your 'repaired' E-500 back to you if you are lucky :D

Now that would be nice of them. :smashin:

Funny thing is, when I received my camera back for the second time it looked so new and clean I thought it might be a new E-500! Once I checked the serial number I knew it was mine after all, but I have kinda grown attached to my first DSLR. So if you're reading this Debra... ;)

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