Olympus C765 night mode settings


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Can anyone tell me what the required flash setting is for the night mode on this camera please. I took a couple of shots which were a disaster so I fiddled with the flash setting which is now Slow 2. Also should it be set to auto white balance. I took some pictures of the illuminations in Blackpool and the colours were awful and blurred. I know you should use a tripod but I don't have one.

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You really need a tripod for night shots, even a cheap one is better than nothing.


To be honest if you're taking pics of illuminations in the dark I wouldn't use a flash at all but a tripod is essential. These are a couple that I took with the 765 in night mode (or possibly shutter priority) and no flash. These were taken using one of those mini tripods that cost a couple of quid.

Pic 1Pic 2

A flash is only required if you also require something in the foreground to be lit up as well e.g A person but also want the lights in the background to be properly exposed. I think (out of memory) that Slow 2 would be teh correcr setting in that case.


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Nice pics Matt

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