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Olympus C-4000/C-5050 or Canon S50/G3

Discussion in 'Digital Photography Forums' started by wokeye, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. wokeye

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    Apr 15, 2003
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    I recently posted a message on here for advice on upgrading my Olympus C-300. At the time I was intereseted in the Dimage 7i but after reading more about the camera I am a little put off by the size of this camera (and price a little). So I have really narrowed it down to the Olympus C-5050 zoom, or Canon powershot S50, or possibly the G3 (although I think this expensive for a 4MP camera!). But I have also seen the C-4000 zoom at a very attractive price (£340), I know it is a 4MP the others are 5MP but it seems a good price for the features (C-5050 is £220 more). Does anybody have this camera? I think it just accepts smartmedia too (I might be wrong!), although I do not really see this as a problem. It appears to get very good reviews, just really wondering if the C-5050 is worth the extra outlay? Any ideas please!
  2. RobertP

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    Nov 21, 2002
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    Woodford Essex
    I've recently bought a C5050.
    At first it seemed good but not great. It takes a while to learn how to get the best out of the camera. Now I think it is amazing.
    I feel like I'm back to controlling the picture like I did when I used a 35mm SLR more than a few years ago. My previous digital (Kodak DC290) took excellent pictures for its 2mp - but manual control was limited.
    You can read review sites like I did and make your own choice.
    Most reviews mention CA (chromatic abberation). It is there but is not the problem they make it out to be.
    Points I like/dislike
    It feels like quality in your hand.
    Super macro mode is amazing.
    Shot to shot time seems good to me.
    Settings for everything!
    It does near-infrared OK
    AA batteries.
    Uses my old CF cards at the same time as xD/SM
    slow zoom response
    shutter lag on AF (very little lag with prefocus or manual)
    zoom motor sound - sounds 'cheap' for want of a better word.
    Detailed manual is on CD

    I got mine here . Still waiting for the free lens to come from Olympus.

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