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Nov 2, 2002
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Have ordered a 6 way olson mains adapter having read some reviews on it & it being at a resonable price, does any one know what you would connect the external earth onto, ?
I think you can buy a spike to go in the ground outside. A bit of DIY needed to drill a hole in the wall to get it all connected.

Let me know how you get on as I am keen to do something with my mains if it makes a difference and I have looked at Olson adapters.

Good luck!
Did run an olson adapter a couple of years back when i had a naim set-up, i know naim dont reccomend using any mains adapters it was the one my dealer suggested, did seem to help keeping the bass tighter e.t.c. will let you know if it helps on my pw6, 3802, & dv88

I would be interested in hearing your opinion on this.

I am primarily trying to reduce noise on my PWD6, but any increase in sound quality would obviously be an advantage!

I am just wondering whether to buy the Olson, or wheter I need to spend more on something like a Russ Andrews one.
Hi Johns Wifey here :) :) ;)

I think Jasonjo has one of these and highly rates it. Have a look at his threads, it seems to have made a big difference.

On the comparisons ive read with the Olsen filters, it rates very well in comparison with dearer ones ie Russ andrews one at £250 so cant be a bad thing!

Our local high fi specialist really rate Olsen adapters as real quality products.

Will let you know what we think, hopefully set up will be complete tomorrow evening, so we will know if there is a difference as last 3 plasmas have been run without one.


Johns wifey..:) ;) ;)
connected olson up to my new replacement pw6 last night, have only tried it on telewest at the moment pq seems less fuzzy than it was around the edges, colour banding also seems better even on eastenders where it used to be very bad, biggest improvment is with the buzzing on the pw6 now very quite, will try dvd via component when i get in tonight, well worth the £ 80 it cost

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