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I've just ordered the LG 48CX to replace my current PC gaming monitor. I have a large PC case (750d) on my desk located next to my monitor with it's rear exhaust fan facing it. When gaming, my 2 2080 Ti cards and 1500w power supply can generate a lot of heat in the case, which of course gets blown out onto my monitor.

Just wondering it this could harm my OLED? I've heard they are more sensitive to heat. If so I'll try find another position for the case but it won't be ideal.

Thanks for any advice.


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OLED TVs do give out some heat (not Plasma like by any means) So I would compare by hand near the screen or thermometer if not much difference (I admit, I know absolutely nothing about gaming pcs)
If necessary you could use some trunking like the kind from some tumble dryers or extractor fans to direct the hot air away. or use a fan or two like these Amazon product
to direct the heat away they work very well from usb, are multi speed and quiet (I have a pair). hth

ref=sr_1_3 This link works better.
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