OLED65A16LA - My Fault or LG's?


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6 months in with the £1200 OLED65A16LA and two things are very clear.
  • - The screen looks amazing. Black blacks, great colours, superb. As grea as I'd hoped.
  • - All aspects of the other tech are terrible.
webOS is very poor, with LG making some bizarre design choices.
It also simply doesn't work. This is my second TV and neither have been able to record with flickering on playback. And - as standard - the TV is unable to display (progressively-coded) jpegs. And getting audio in sync is a battle.
That LG know about these problems, and aren't interested in fixing them, seems astonishing to me, but I want to ask the forum whether this is really my fault for buying the cheapest available OLED TV.
Should I always have seen this model as essentially just a screen, and have expected to also need to buy some sort of Freeview recorder and photo viewer?
Is £1200 a tiny amount of money for an OLED in Nov '21, or not an unreasonable amount to expect basic functions to work?
LG customer service are always very polite, but terrible at getting back to you and literally no one has any technical skills. You can tell them till you're blue in the face that you're viewing pictures over a network and they'll keep asking you what sort of USB drive you're using. They also claim that in "tech support" they don't have a USB stick to test, nor a network. But I digress.


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Personal opinion - it's you.

You're doing at least one thing that isn't perhaps quite as 'normal' as LG would expect for standard use for the TV.

I'm on my 5th webos based LG - two of them OLED's - never had a sync issue yet...

Maybe get some decent source devices and just enjoy the TV's primary ability.

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