OLED55B6 oversaturated with Mi Box S?


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I have an LG OLED55B6V and used several different sources through a Yamaha RX-860 on it. So far I found decent input settings for a Sony UBP-X800, PS3, PS4, Switch and Nvidia Shield. I never needed to tweak things too much with those to have them look good.

But with the Mi Box S 4K there has been trouble: It auto-negotiates to 1080p60 4:2:0. Manually, I can override that to 2160p60 4:4:4 but 2160p60 4:2:2 seems most reliable as 4:4:4 would sometimes lose signal or flicker. But now it feels oversaturated to me, especially the reds.

On the TV side, I have:

Black level: low
Gamma: 2.4
Contrast: 93
Brightness: 52
Colour: 50
White balance: Warm 1
Colour gamut: Extended

And all picture processing options (super resolution, dynamic contrast, etc.) switched off. With these settings it seems to me that everything is slightly oversaturated, especially the reds. Setting color gamut to "wide" doesn't make it much stronger and "normal" isn't much weaker, so I leave it set to extended.

I can switch gamma to 2.2 and that will bring the colors down a bit, but then compression artifacts in dark areas become very obvious with lower-bitrate sources like Netflix.

Anyone have similar experiences with Mi Boxes on an LG OLED? Did it bother you and did you find better settings for it? Edit: Oh, or are my eyes just broken?

Edit 2: OK, weird: When the Mi Box goes into standby and wakes up again, it comes back with the colors washed out instead of oversaturated. The blacks are fine so it's not an issue of it switching to a different black level.

Going into display settings and switching it to 4:2:0 and back to 4:2:2 or playing any HDR content and then SDR again makes it look the same as before standby (oversaturated). I think the issue is in Android TV or the Mi Box itself, probably not in the TV.

Yep, this seems to be a bug (both the over- and the undersaturation) that's been around for over two years. I'm surprised this box gets the good reviews it has in this state.
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