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Hi All,

I am looking at getting the LG CX 77" OLED, however, looking at a few posts on this forum and another which concerns me about bright rooms. Below are some photos from my living room in the day and wondered if an OLED would still be suitable as even with blinds shut, I still can sometimes see reflection on my current LG 65UH770v.

If an OLED wouldn't be suitable, I am also thinking of the LG 86un85006la which I assume would be fine?

The viewing distance from TV to where my back is on the sofa is 11FT.

Thanks in advance


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i dont have an oled tv, i do want one...but screen burn would be a big problem with me. So i cannot say what an oled is like in bright rooms, but i do own the 86" 6500, i think you would be disappointed with the lcd when comparing the 2? Yes this tv is good in bright rooms, but its an lcd and its downfalls may not be good for you? Personally, i would get the oled and invest in superior light blocking solutions if possible?
ps my tv is in a bright room and its never been a problem for me!



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Heavy duty nets and heavy duty dark coloured curtains. While at it change ceiling lights to spot lights so you can turn them away from the TV, the things we gotta do for that OLED loving :clap:

You can also get wall mounts which can tilt forward this may help a little with reflections.

Burn in not much an issue with the newer OLEDs, but you can buy from John lewis with burn in cover for £140 if you are worried of screen damage by sun or burn in.

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