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Hey guys, I am forced by the circumstances in my viewing room to keep my OLED panel (an LG 55 CX if that matters at all) in front of the window, so it does catch some sunlight during the early part of the day, though not too much as my house is quite well covered from it. However, the front part of the panel itself doesn't catch any sunlight as it is facing away from the window. I know that it is generally considered a bad idea to keep OLED screens in sunlight, but does this apply to them when it is only the rear of the panel which is left exposed?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. :)


If it is of any help my C6 65" is partially or fully in sunlight few hours a day <3h (depending on the day and time of the year) and ~10k hours later still doing fine and brings joy every time it is powered on.

I also have c9 65" which can get as much 4-5h a day of sunlight on its back and so far is doing fine as well. Have it for over 12 months now.

TBH never crossed my mind to worry about it.

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