OLED TV meltdown


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My 2021 OLED suddenly developed lines across the screen, so bad that it interfered with the programme. This took no more than 5 minutes to go from perfect picture to unwatchable.
I turned off the tv but when I try to switch it back on, the black screen has a pattern of vertical and horizontal white lines, I hear a click and it switches itself off.
I've tried leaving it without power and switching it on using the power button on the screen...no change.
is it terminal?
Bought at auction so no warranty...
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Call the retailer, it’s under warranty


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Phone the manufacturer and see what hey say. Looks dead


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He said he bought it at an auction, so no warrenty.
Oh dear… completely missed that! May still have some comeback?


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Does it occur when you switch on the TV and scroll through TV logo and menu, with no hdmi cables connected on back that is ?

Otherwise id still contact the manufacturer, if its LG for example they maybe able to offer an oled panel swap service for £250. Having said that it could just be something as simple as a bad mainboard.

Other OLED manufacturers maybe able to do similar repairs but unsure of this, LG defiantly do a service but its limited due to covid and only on their own branded units.

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