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Afternoon all

laying in my hospital bed and all sorts of things pop into your mind to think about

today’s crazy thought, future proofing.....

I have been a fortunate one and secured a pre-order confirmation on the new PS5 with disk drive ( can’t be going digital yet, I buy games and if I don’t like em get rid of them but I can’t wait with those so I’ll stick with physical!)

Anyway, was looking into new consoles and reading they need USB2.5 ideally?

My living room sofa where PS5 will be plugged into the family tv is a OLEDC8PLA. I boiught that at fulll what when it was first released, think our was almost 2k when I paid.
Am I thinking the TV set I’ve got is USB2.0 or is it USB2.5!? Please telll me some good news!!

whichever it is, I don’t want to have to fetch a new telly (we are just having kitchen done at the minute) - so what would my options be to get the best out of PS5? Willing to listen to anything random, I’ve even wondered if places swap tellys and pay diffferrence for for a newer model!?!?

let me know your expert opinions


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I'm not sure were you got that information but there is no such thing is USB 2.5 most likely you have heard about HDMI 2.1.

The PS5 does not require a HDMI 2.1 connection to the TV it will work fine with HDMI 2.0 as well.

The LG C8 is a HDMI 2.0 TV, if your PS4 has worked fine with that you will see no change with the PS5, in fact most of the PS5 launch games are 30FPS by default with some having a 60FPS option.

Maybe the PS5 will make better use of HDMI 2.1 features like 120Hz output and HDMI-VRR but only time will tell, hold onto your current TV and wait till next year.

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What does the USB on your TV have to do with a PS5?

Do you mean HDMI 2.1?

If so, then your current TV will work fine, it just doesn't do 4K at 120fps and have some other nice features HDMI 2,1 has. It will still work and how many games will actually benefit from HDMI 2.1 for the initial launch period is debatable.

It's also likely HDMI 2.1 is going to cause a lot of headaches for early gaming adopters, so I wouldn't be in a rush.


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What features am I going to be missing out on off the bat with only having HDMI2.0?
Am I going to kicking myself I didn’t get a newer TV set?

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It will mean you can't play games at 4K 120fps.

How many games will actually be able to do that is debatable.

You'll still get 4K at 60fps.

There's also VRR - Variable Refresh Rate and ALL - Auto-low latency mode

I'm not saying they wouldn't be nice to have, but do your play your current console on your current TV and wish you had these things you've never had or known about?

Even Sony execs don't think it's that important* and the last thing I'd do is spend a ton of money on a TV I possibly didn't need at an overinflated price and as above, how well will it work. I'd be waiting until there are more TV's out there with HDMI 2.1 and the bugs are fixed before buying.
If I was going to buy it would be a current year TV next spring when the 2021 models come out and bag a bargain rather than an overpriced, newly released one.


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