Oled room color



Photo of my living room,

Tthere will be a double row of panel curtains at the window and the small window will be gone next week so no problem with sunlight

Walls are papered but I can paint the walls/celling in any color I want, the wife likes everything even black but I don't want everything black it is a living room after all.

Behind the TV will be an extra tv wall 20 cm wider and higher than the TV

Is my room okay for a 83" Oled or do I have to make the walls/celling darker, lighting can be turned off 100%
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You'll be fine. I have a similar shade of grey in my living room, with windows at each end, I don't have a problem, but you will need to draw those curtains during the brightest days.

It's important to make sure direct sunlight doesn't fall on the screen during the day when the curtains are open though, this can damage the pixels and cause a burn like effect.



Gonne keep the wall/celling color then and make a 18% grey tv wall

I only have sun on that window between 08.00 and 10.00 so with a dubble curtain panel no sun problem, i also have shutters on the outside


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If you want I can make some mockups in Photoshop.
You'll have to tell me what walls you want painted though. ;)

P.S: are you in France?
I've never seen plinths/tiles like these other than at my mum's, in Nice. :)
(and the parquet floor and external shutters)


I am from Belgium (Limburg)

Such pictures would be nice.

I want the wall where the TV hangs in a dark brown/warm gray color and the side walls in a slightly lighter brown/warm gray color

I'm also going to add an Epson Tw9400 with an Alr screen so I need to have colors that darken when the lights are off but still feel nice to look at during the day

There is no Waf factor, my wife is fine with everything.

Edit: Bought the Sony 77X80J today if all go well will have it on Friday, the room is W347cm x L420 x H258


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Let me know your thoughts.
Also, if you give me a sense of scale (width of the window for example), I can add the 77X80J to the wall.


That looks very good, Thx

In the evening with all the lights off, shutters down and curtains closed, it will look dark, perfect for the Epson tw9400.

Also find the ceiling surprisingly beautiful in that color

we are going to get rid of the small window so that it becomes a full wall, the window on the side is L200 x H150


We are going to paint the ceiling and walls this weekend and also buy a large dark carpet

Thanks for your time never thought i would paint the ceiling, but this is going to be so much better for the projector i am going to buy next month

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