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Hi looking to upgrade my 2017 Sony 55inch XE9305. Main reason I’ve got a Sonos Arc and the TV can’t pass Dolby atmos (yes could buy a hd fury converter for £179 but feel I want a change)
Can we assume the oled burn in is very very rare also my viewing is usually in the evening.
Anyway I’ve managed a shortish list!! With prices I can buy them for:
I’m going to hang the 65inch Oled TV on the wall so looking for a slim design as a priority. Mainly watch movies the odd footy game and just HD content on sky. I have a south facing garden but mainly view at night and I do have curtains.
I need minimum two hdmi 2.1 for soundbar and PS5

Sony A90J £3219: very expensive does have the better screen finish than A80J *matt. Is the picture quality worth £800/£1000 extra than the others?

Sony A80J £1921: £1200 cheaper than A90J does have the Matt finish negative? Looking at reviews about 10% less picture quality than A90J

LG G1 £2446: lovely slim design perfect for wall mounting. Negative fixed power lead. Reviews saying not a massive uplift in picture quality to C1? 4 hdmi 2.1

LG C1 £1747: same as above. Slightly thicker in dimensions than G1 for wall hanging?

Curve Balls?!
Samsung Qn95a £1737: mini led. No burn in risk. No Dolby vision.
Phillips 706 £1572 3 way ambilight slimmer than 806/856 or 806/856 £2399 4 way ambilight.

Looking to purchase by end of September.
Would it be worth waiting for Black Friday in November? Although I think these prices I’ve quoted are pretty good.

Thanks for any advice
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As long as you have a GOOD tv, I will wait for Black Friday and even q1 2022 (prices are the lowest to make space for the new range and you have all manufacturers announcements in jan 22).

So, being patient allows you to touch 65 top Oled at around £1500

Secondly, I rate c1 and a90j as top this year. Pana and Philips are great too this year.

Thirdly, waiting can allow you to go 75 and there you can get the a80j which is not Matte I believe and has better sound…
Size does matter.

Another big curve ball if worries with Oled is Sony lcd x90j in 65 or 75. Even if I will always recommend oled, worth looking at it for a massive 75 and super sweet price.


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Currys Today have dropped the LG G1 65” to £2500 so with company discount 8% = £2300 plus 6% cash back from “TopCashback” @ £2500 (£150) bought tv for £2150 👍🏻
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