OLED C6 Replaced


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Just had my Oled C6 Replaced well they fitted a new screen and main board.
My old tv developed a line horizontally through the screen and used to flash green at either side randomly when playing my PS4 Pro.

The tv I have now has firmware 4.30.95
Is this pre dodgey HDR Game mode because if it is Im going to keep the auto updates turned off.
Can I still connect to the internet though for YouTube etc?


Dodgey HDR is what way you mean dim HDR? Although the 2016 models are dimmer with the latest firmware they resolve more detail in bright areas of the image and depending on whether or not the game is coded up to 1000nits or 10000nits will affect how bright it looks on your display.


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Yeah the dim Game HDR.
I know it gives more detail in the sky, clouds etc at the expense of brightness but its shockingly dim and I not keen on using dynamic contrast to increase brightness as I think it washes out the colours and gives a jaggy look to the over all picture by highlighting edges on everything gravel leaves bricks etc

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