OLED 55CX and SN9YG soundbar Help!!


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Hi there, newbie post,
I am getting very frustrated that I cannot find a resolution to my issue and cannot get hold of anyone in LG support (UK).

I have an OLED 55CX tv and I have just bought an LG SN9YG soundbar.

I have connected them both using the eARC connections and my HDMI cables are high speed with ethernet. I have set the sound out on the tv to HDMI ARC and the soundbar to HDMI-ARC. I have checked on the device connection settings on the tv and Simplink etc enabled.

Unfortunately I get no sound from the soundbar at all but the LG tv remote does control the volume level on the soundbar so there is some sort of connection between the two.

I have an older (2yrs) LG tv in a different room and the soundbar works fine with that tv.

Are there compatibility issues between the 55CX and the SN9YG ? can anyone help please.

Thank you,



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Try going into the TV's audio out settings and change the HDMI output from Bitstream to PCM.
You may need to reboot the TV and Soundbar if it doesn’t work initially.


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I may be able to help, I have B9 though and that soundbar and all is fine with mine, so hold on, whilst I add some shots and let's see if it's any use.

Excuse the dust ha ha
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