OLED 55B7 ARC turning off Denon receiver


Hi, hope this the correct forum to post in but I will also post in the Denon forum.
Receiver Denon AVR X3300W
Since the middle to end of last year I have had an issue with my TV that when using it to view Freeview, Amazon or Netflix after 15-20 mins my Denon receiver goes into auto standby and turns itself off.
The TV is connected to the receiver by the HDMI ARC on both the TV and receiver.
For the first two years using the exact same setup this never happened.
The TV is setup correctly using with ARC, simplink etc and the sound set to auto.
If the sound is set to PCM the issue does not happen but obviously this isn’t a solution.
My feeling is this because of a firmware update to the TV at some stage that has affected the compatibility with the receiver but this is difficult to prove. Ive spoken to Denon and they have said the TV is the probable culprit but are a bit vague. When I spoke to LG they accepted it might be a problem with my TV and suggested replacing the main board.
I’ve contacted Richersounds under the warranty and their repairers have replaced the main board in the tv but this hasn’t cured the issue. They have tested it in their work shop with a Pioneer receiver and they it all works fine and now are basically saying the TV is totally fine. I have again said I believe it’s a firmware issue fairly specific to the TV and the Denon receiver but they won’t accept this. When the TV is returned I have asked them to bring another set with ARC to try with my receiver in the hope that it DOESNT turn itself off and shows it’s not the receiver so will have to wait and see.
As you can imagine this is hugely frustrating as I can’t watch anything on NetFlix or Amazon without the receiver turning off!
If anyone can help or throw any light on this I would greatly appreciate it.
Many thanks, Richard


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On my 6200W the auto standby timeout is under the general/eco menu with 60/30/15/off options so I would try changing that to see whether the behavior follows the menu setting or is just doing something random.

Mine is set to 15 mins and it will switch to standby if I spend too long browsing in a TV app's library - i.e. with no video playing - so it actually seems to detect audio rather than the TV just being turned on

I have a C8 and Auto is the best setting (to get DD+ for apps) - its interesting that switching to PCM makes a difference to the problem though.

In the old analogue days it might be a input signal level issue but this ought not apply with HDMI although there are input level adjusts for each input.
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