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Well I got my Panasonic TH-42PWD4 off Joe at the Media Factory many many years ago,cost me around £4k.
Without doubt money well spent the plasma is still going strong but times change and I've ordered a Samsung PS60 E6500 as a replacement .
What is it worth ??
Anyone still using one ? can I claim the title of oldest plasma on AV Forum ;)


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Not sure of the exact age of your plasma but I still have a Pioneer PDP 435XDE - from around 2000/01 and it's still running fine - kids have it in thier bedroom for thier games consoles these days - I was not sure what to do with it (didn't want to throw it away as it also cost around 4 to 5K when new).
Newer systems of course are way better - I've a Panasonic "Smart TV" and it's fantastic with the networking capability etc. Enjoy your new Samsung - I'm sure you'll notice the difference of the new kit.
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