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Hi Gang

I have a few questions regarding an older Sceptre TV and an older Yamaha RX-V467 reciever: The reciever has 4 HDMI ports including an 'HDMI Out' Since there's no combined audio & video 'ARC' port, I'll have to use the Optical Audio port from both the TV output to the 'TV Optical Audio' port on the reciever ...

Which HDMI port on the receiver should I use for video from the TV back to the reciever?

What device is typically used for the HDMI-MHL port on the Sceptre TV? - Is this where I connect my roku Ultra?

Regarding an older CD Changer with an 'Optical Audio' port only, (Can I reassign the AV position in the reciever to sync with the 'CD short cut' button on my remote for the RX-V467)?

Here's a screen shot for the ports on the Yamaha RX-V467:
Yamaha RX-467 Ports

Thank You!


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There is no video out from any TV to go back to an AVR which can't do anything with it, anyway

(except perhaps overlay AVR menus) - you just have to accept those aren't on the TV-generated pics... via tuners, apps or other inputs of the TV.

Plug the Roku into one of the rear hdmi ports 1-4. BUT that'll restrict things to 1080 HD. If the TV is UHD and you want to see UHD content, then plug it into one of the UHD TV inputs, and pass sound over optical to the AVR.

Reassigning the AV1 optical in to the CD input (AV3) should be a simple thing to do. :rtfm: it'll be in there.

AIUI the front hdmi-mhl input is intended for temporary connection to things like mobile phones (with suitable connector adapters).


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Nice to see you Rodders!

I will plug the roku Ultra into one of the HDMI ports (thank you so much)

I use an external outside antenna for channels so I'll continue to use the 'Optical Out' Yes?

This model does not have UHD ....

Trying to figure out how I can re-assign the CD short cut button on the AVR remote to control a CD Changer (with Optical Output only).

Also trying to figure out how I can re-assign the DVD short cut button on the AVR remote to control a Blu Ray player ...

Thanks again!


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Simply configure the AV receiver as you'd like it to be configured relative to the CD changer. Now hold down the SCENE button you'd like this configuration to be saved to until the AV receiver indicates that the settings have been saved. Whenever you subsequently press that SCENE button, the AV receiver will set itself to the source and the configurations it was set to when you saved that SCENE.

If you want more options as to what kind of settings are saved then look up the SCENE settings in the manual.

You can also rename the SCENES if you want or need to.
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Hello Dante - Nice to see you again ...

And thanx for the tips (I'm getting into this) as I read the manual for the 467 ...

I'll be back soon ...

Thank You :thumbsdow

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