Older sub 50" sets that can produce decent HDR and would suit netflix and other SS for movies and shows?


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I am going to buy to buy a TV. I have owned Panasonic OLEDS and capable Sony LCD sets over the past few years but more recently my circumstances have changed and I have had to sell those. I am looking for a smaller size set (ideally 43" but could go up to 50") to watch movies and TV shows via Netflix, amazon etc. I really want to make use of HDR and I am very aware of the limitations in relation to the current TVS available at smaller sizes with HDR. I know that my only real option is the Sony XH95, however, I am just not prepared to buy now as it really does not offer very good value in my view, as spring will see the prices drop significantly (especially on the refurb store).

I am hoping that someone could suggest some sets in sub 50" from a few years ago that I could keep an eye out for. I am wondering if some of the Samsung TVs from a few years ago may suit but I am not sure which ones? I almost bought a Panasonic 58DX902 for £450 the other day which is a superb set and frankly seemed a bargain but it was just too big (I am a big fan of Panasonic TVs in general). I know that I won't get anything as good as the DX902 or the Panasonic OLED I had in the past but I just want something that is going to make HDR look decent. I would consider any brand TV and if necessary I will buy a ROKU stick or alternative. Any suggestions and advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
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2016 Samsung KS series like 49KS7000 / 49KS7500 / 49KS8000 / 49KS8500
2017 Samsung 49Q7F / 49Q7C
2018 Samsung didn't sell any good models at smaller sizes at all.
2019 Samsung 49Q70R
2017 Sony 49XE9005 - known 50hz frame repeat bug.
2018 Sony 49XF9005
2019 Sony 49XG9005 - same TV as the 49XF9005.

Panasonic DX902 was their last capable HDR LCD TV they made back in 2016, it was only sold at 58 and 65".

I don't think there are really any other options since most higher tier TVs are a min of 55" now.

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