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I have an older plasma (an LG RZ-42PX11), this supports a VGA resolution of 852x480.
It is discribed as HD ready. However after some reading 720p requires 1080 lines, is this correct?
I know the screen does not include HDCP, does anybody know about the future of HDCP, will there be breakout boxes for those of us who have already mounted component cables into the wall and don't want to rip them out.
Or does it look like I need to throw my old TV away rip out the cables put an HD cable in and replaster (the wife will not be happy)

Cheers for the help



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No 720p does not require 1080 lines - it requires 720 and all HDReady TVs have to have a minimum of 720 lines, so there's no way a 480p screen is allowed a HDReady badge.

It also has to support HDCP so it doesn't qualify on two counts.

You can get HDCP strippers but they tend to output VGA (RGBHV) not component (probably because HDMI sources usually carry RGB so it's easier)

Does the screen accept 720p & 1080i ?


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Hi, you should really do a search on this panel. I even most recently replied to one member on this screen. I can confirm that this was never sold as HD ready for one of the reasons stated above. However, it is HDCP compliant. I have this screen in my bedroom (bought before my Pio) and it is fine on Sky HD using an HDMI to DVI converter (as px11 has no hdmi socket). I have also run this via the component inputs but prefer the dvi as it is less bulky. Obviously you will need seperate audio feed in to the px11.

Watching HD channels on this screen is a pleasure. It may not have the res but the extra bandwidth allocated to these channels really does show. I still think that this screen even with its critics (those who hate LG) still beats the pants off many if not all non HD ready panels. Mine is nearly three years old now and gets left on most nights when I fall asleep and never has any burn or image retention even after hours of a banner.

I hope this helps but had a search as this panel had a heel of a thread going 50 plus pages!

Best of luck but do not be fooled, this is not HD ready, just HD compatable.


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chances are this TV isnt HD ready

its probably HD capable or something daft like that

to be HD ready it has to feature an analogue HD port, and a digital one that supports HDCP. and have 720 vertical lines.

your TV only has 480 vertical lines, so is most definately not HD ready.


looks like a new TV is in order.
How likely do you think HDCP strippers and converters to component will be available once content providers switch on the CP flag.
I don't want to have to buy a new amp as well to switch between sources (currently use component switching and a single component cable channeled into the wall to my current plasma)


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HDCP is already on for SkyHD, has been since day 1. Clearly, it has component output anyhow so it doesn't really matter.

Plus sathelp says that screen supports HDCP anyway, so I'm not sure what you mean?


That is fine for the Sky HD box, until broadcasters start using the HDCP flag, after which the component out will be scaled down to SD.
At some point I may get an HD-DVD player. Given that I want to carry on using component (already channeled into the walls of my house), I'd like to have the option of taking the HDMI outs of any HD sources I may have and convert these to component to feed the TV. I don't want to have to rewire the house.


Current sky boxes have no facility to use the image constraint token. What may happen in the future is unclear. There are currently plenty of naughty little boxes, and I don't see that changing. Lots of demand, many people have non-HDCP screens. All current HD disc players have HD component out. But it's a non issue, you have HDCP, what you don't have is HD resolution, proper deinterlacing, decent scaling, or anything but murk in the shadow areas. Get a new screen, but don't rush is my advice.

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