Older Arcam as a preamp into my (Upgraded) Naim Nap 200 power amp?


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Don't go too far back into Arcam pre-amp-world; their 1990's pre-amp sections suffered from seriously crackly input selectors; something that cleaning the pot. only ever resolves for a few months.


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True - the Alpha and Delta ranges were brilliant, but the selector issue was a pain - I used to have an Alpha 9 amp, which I loved but let down by what must have been one cheap component.

Again, the FMJ AV8 or 9 are technically more sophisticated, but fewer mechanical components and less to go wrong - and built like a tank too!


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Oh, and if you really want the Arcam sound, as a future upgrade you could flog your Naim, and replace it with an FMJ power amp.

I had both the P25 and P35. Personally I preferred the P25 (and I had a very, very rare black one), which I felt had a more robust, solid sound and a build to match - the P35 seemed to have a less solid build (rapping your knuckles on the front plate and the casing is a good test!), and also had a transformer sensitive to noisy mains. To be fair, I haven't heard that's a common problem though, so either would be a great choice.

A perfect visual match with the AV9 was the icing on the cake!


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Sorted :)

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