Old WP3711LCD Walker (Vestel) TV With Yellowish Tint


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Hi. I have a TV from 2010 or 2011 i think it was purchased. Anyway it was in my sitting room with my parents using it but now I have it in my room for the time being. I've noticed it has a yellowish or greenish tint that's there even with the temp set to cool. I've been in the service menu by pressing 4725 but all I can change the ADC calibration for is Ypbpr, EXT1 and VGA. If I could change the setting for RGB gain on the HDMI channel that would be perfect.

The TV says software 1.2.9 but I have no idea if there would be a newer software anywhere. I used to have a Toshiba vestel and that actualy had RGB gain in the simple settings menu but this slightly older one seems to lack it. Are any of these Vestel firmwares compatible with multiple sets or might there be another way to change the tint and avoid having to purchase a new TV so soon over something that should be easily solvable?


EDIT: The tint is most noticeable on white or grey colours and also on peoples skin which makes it kind of annoying to watch.

EDIT2: It's a Vestel mb61 and searching brings up 17mb61-2 and the latest firmware is 1.4.2. Is this right and is there any download links to it? The panel type is LG.
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