Old wall plasma wall mounting - good for 65in CX?


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I've just bought an LG 65CX in the Black Friday sales. It's going to be replacing a 10-yr old Samsung 50in plasma which I currently have mounted on a tilt-and-swivel wall mount. I've lost all the original documentation for that mount so I'm not sure of its specs, but looking at my old emails I found the item description - Swivel Tilting TV Wall Bracket for SAMSUNG 43 to 63 inches. The company I bought it from is now defunct.

Do you think this will be compatible with the 65in CX? It's pretty heavy duty as plasmas were much heavier than OLEDs. And is there anywhere where I can just buy the brackets that attach to the rear of the TV, separate from the bit you drill into the wall? Many thanks for any advice.


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The brackets are usually designed to fit various VESA mounting options so I'd expect it to be ok. Both my OLED's are on Mounts/Brackets that previously held Plasma TV's. Weight shouldn't be an issue as OLED's are much lighter.

One is on a wall mount with tilt and the other is on swivel and tilt mount albeit on an AV stand rather than the wall. Both use similar arm brackets that go on the TV and then hook onto the wall bracket/stand plate.

I just removed the bits that attached to the Plasma's and put them on the OLED's. I think the only thing I may have changed was the bolts that screw into the TV.


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The plasma mount should work for the OLED. Most brackets have very flexible spacing / holes to accommodate different spacing of mounting holes on the back of the TV eg 200x200, 300x300 etc

You should be able to remove the brackets from the old TV and use them with the new CX.

The only difference might be the size of screws needed. I believe the CX uses M6.

The only issue I have found is that my old Plasma had the mounting holes centralised on the TV and at wider distance between them compared to modern OLEDs. The modern OLEDs like the CX have the holes lower down the TV, only about 10-15cm from the bottom.

This could mean you need to move your wall bracket to get the TV centralised

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