Old vs New Yamaha DSP-A592 / RXV365 & Tannoy Speakers


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My system is pretty old, about 10 years or so i guess, and i have been thinking of changing it for various reasons, although i feel i may be shortchanging myself. I currently have a Yamaha DSP-A592 Amp with floor standing Mission M73 Fronts, Mercury MC Centre, Tannoy M1 Rears, No Sub due to being in an upstairs flat in a terraced house & always had plenty of bass out the fronts.
I dont use my system as often as before when i used to have it at high volumes, due to next door being a deaf old lady, now it is occupied by new tenants so i tend to keep my sound not too high.
Reason i was thinking about changing was so that i could have smaller speakers mounted on the front wall instead of the floor standing, although i realize this would necessitate a sub to make up for the loss of bass.
Another reason i thought about changing is that my DVD player may be due for replacing and although not really fussed about bluray, i figured i may as well get a bluray player as not a lot of difference in cost these days. However, most of the cheaper sony players dont seem to have the 5.1 seperate audio outputs that my amp requires. This would mean paying more for a bluray or updating the amp, regardless of speakers.

So, I am not in a financial position to really go for something top range and would be looking at replacing my Yamaha DSP-A592 amp with a Yamaha RXV365. The speakers I was thinking of something small like the Yamaha NSP280.

How would the 2 set ups compare ? I have listened to some of the newer home theatre systems in stores but just didnt sound right to me, I dont want to end up with speakers that arent as pleasing to my ears as what i currently own, just so that they are smaller and out the way.

I figured with the amp, it wouldnt matter if i changed that and kept current speakers if thats how i go for now, instead of spending more on a bluray i could get the new amp and a cheaper player, unless the RXV365 is not as good as the DSP-A592. Being older i would think the new one would be better, but this is not always the case.

Any advice would be appreciated.
The RX-V365 can't proceed HD audio over HDMI. I beleive you will need the 465 for that.

I would be inclined to keep your speakers if you can, as they will outperform most sub/sat systems. Keep 'em if you can.



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Yep, the Yamaha 465 is the first in the Yamaha range to do audio via HDMi. I would keep your current speakers and spend as much on the amp as you can getting the Yamaha 765 at the very least. You can get it for £350 and some have reported it for a little less.

New budget 5.1 speaker sets aren't going to sound a patch on your current ones, so you may as well use that speaker budget to get a better amp.


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Thanks for your advice. I will keep with my current speakers & upgrade the amp when i get a new player, will save up the pennies and get one of the HD models.


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