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Happy Xmas All
I'm in a bit of a quandary and would appreciate some advice/opinions! I've just treated myself to a pair of monitor audio bronze BX2s and found on old NAD 3020a amp in my loft...(this will age me! First proper amp with first pay check!) I would like to stream my limited stored music, and spotify through this....so given that the quality will be limited by the weakest link in the chain...do I buy a sonos ZP90, would the ZP120 give noticeably better amplification than my 30yr old NAD, in which case I might forget it, or how little would I need to spend on a new amp that would better the NAD or the inbuilt Sonos amp?
For what it's worth, the system sits close to TV set-up, so as there is phone supply for sky, the BT router is close also, so would probably Baedeker the sonos straight to that, unless others would suggest otherwise.
Sonos looks great from all I read, but would folk suggest a better alternative to achieve a similar result, if multi room was 'useful' rather than essential?
A bit longwinded, but look forward to some opinions (from those who remember 3020!?)


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IIRC the Squeezebox Touch appears on Amazon at £135 if you keep checking. So long as your Spotify is a paid subscription, you can use the Spotify add-in on the Touch.


I had a 3020, bought in 1983, and after many years faithful service I passed it on to my brother-in-law as I had upgraded and the NAD had a slightly noisy volume control.

Assuming it was on the way out I was glad to give it away.

That was about 15 years ago!

It's still doing sterling service in his home, and still sounds very good.

If it works, and you like the sound it produces, it will be fine.
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