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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by boab_is, Apr 22, 2004.

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    Maybe some of you old hands could help a newbie with his old tv

    I have a tosh 28" square tube from 10 years ago, that i inherited from my dad. In all respects it works perfectly. The only thing i notice is that on black screens, or scenes with large blocks of colour, there is some kind of interference on the picture. It looks like tree bark lines or ripples wobbling back and forth on the screen. i have upgraded to better scart leads and such recently to minimize this, but it seems to have had little or no effect. i only have one source fed in through scart 1, no aerial attached (i have sky). it sits atop a wooden cabinet above all my other gear (sky box, sony receiver, tosh dvd, philips vcr, joytech av switcher, ps2, xbox). i have tried it isolation with all devices removed, except the dvd, and seems to have no effect. this was also the situation in my last flat, so geography isnt the problem either.

    any ideas dudes?? :confused:


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