Old Telewest to Wireless


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My prents have a Telewest cable TV setup including a Telewest SB5100 Cable Modem to feed the internet to a PC.
The PC is connected to the modem via a Cat5 cable fed from the modem's Ethernet output (as you'd expect).

My question is as follows:

Can I connect a 3rd-party wireless router to the modem's ethernet port so I can create a WAN, but still have the PC hard-wired to the internet - hopefully via the router's ethernet output?

The only other option is to contact Virgin and ask them to replace the 5100 with a SuperHub, but that would cost, and the above option would not.


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After you connect it all up, wait for the router to fully boot up, then reboot your cable modem. Wait for all the lights to go steady on the modem, then reboot the router. This guarantees that DHCP on your WAN interface will sort itself out. If you just take the lead out of the computer and plug it into the router without rebooting anything, it won't work.


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Thanks for the heads-up.
I'm waiting to borrow a spare router from a friend to see if my idea is feasible.
I'll let you know what happens.

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