Old Surround Sound Amp nearly Dead - Want to move back to Hifi


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Having had a Yamaha DSP-A1 for over 14 years now, with Ruark speakers (Prologue,Dialogue and Epilogue), it is now time to replace some of my equipment.

The front speakers still perform well but my aim now is to replace the surround sound with a decent soundbar and then get a new Hifi amplifier and if needed possibly replace the Front speakers.

My concern is finding an amplifier that will align with my Ruark Prologue ones.

My total budget for the sound bar (I'm currently thinking Yamaha YSP-5100) and the hifi amp/speakers is approx £4000.

I am at the early stages of my research but any direction/advice would be greatly appreciated in terms of Hifi Amp/speakers.

Don Dadda

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Hi Mr Big

I'm not familiar with Ruark speakers, but they seem to be well regarded and i dont believe the Yamaha or any soundbar will come close to them. However, if you know this already and want the change anyway, then crack on.

Will the AV and HiFi be in the same room? If so, and the speakers are still in good condition and still loved, i personally would forgo the soundbar and keep the Ruarks and build around those. And could save a possible £1k+ by not having to buy any.

What are you current sources? £4k is a lovely budget to have but will that include any possible source upgrades or additions, cabling? Will there be any streaming of music?

It sounds like you still want surruond sound as well as hifi so there's a few routes you could take.

You could look at a singing and all dancing AV which will fulfill all the visual needs and do a very good job with stereo performance.

Or you could buy a cheaper AV with pre-outs and add a suitable stereo power amp to drive the fronts speakers for improved stereo performance.

Or, again you could buy a cheaper AV with pre-outs and add a integrated amp with HT Bypass/Unity Gain control modes, to drive the front pair. The AV drives the Center and rear speakers. Connection between the 2 amps is via the AV's pre-outs. Connect all visual sources to the AV and music sources to the integrated amp. When watching films, activate the HT Bypass on the int amp and volume to all speakers will be controlled by the AV equally.

As said above, i'm not familiar with Ruark or how they sound so cannot suggest which amp(s) may suit best, but which ever one (s) you decide upon, see if you can get a home demo.

Just giving over a few suggestion to help you get decide on which way is best for you.


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Hi mr big,
Your ruark speakers are very good indeed & I think you would be very disappointed with a sound bar! I personally would get a good ex demo or used av amp,think denon avr 3312 if u can find one or something around the £1000 mark,then add a stereo amp into the mix just for the fronts,2nd hand or new!look into musical fidelity,naim,exposure,creek etc. U don't mention a sub but bk electronics do some great subs at very reasonable prices! All this should come in at under£2500!!! I ran ruark talismans 2s with an arcam integrated,power amp & it was fantastic!! Another option would be an av amp as before & add a naim Uniti into the mix,this would give you,av,cd,streaming,Internet radio,dab!everything u need & more,just add a phono stage if like me u favour vinyl !!! This including sub plus cables,stand etc should come in at £4000 with careful buying & should last for many years!


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Thanks for the advice, your comments have already made me think again about going down the sound bar route, I will continue my research.

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