Old Sony SAV-S300 speakers on new AV Receiver?


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Forgive this "newbie" question but... I have some old speakers from a Sony DAV-S300 surround/DVD system (the DAV-S300 having died some time back).

Would it be possible to use these speakers on a new AV Receiver? I am in the market for a good entry level amp and am considering the SONY STR-DH820 amp, but am not sure I could run to new speakers.

My main concern is the DAV-S300 subwoofers which is passive. Is this a problem. If the subwoofer is a problem could I still use the other speakers and just purchase a new subwoofer?

Would appreciate any input.



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The subwoofer can not be used as you need an active sub with an Av receiver. You then need to check the impedance of the other speakers. Often all in one systems have very low impedance speakers. Anything under 4 ohms should not be used with an AV receiver.
Even if they are OK on impedance they are not going to be great quality so you would be better to just get a proper AV speaker set. Considering you are going to have to by a new sub this will cost almost as much as a full 5.1 speaker set so you may as well just get the full set.


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I was afraid that might be the case. That may just be outside my budget, but I guess I better start researching speakers too. Any recommendations appreciated.
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