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Old Sony KV28-FX60

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Just_Dabbling, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Just_Dabbling


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    I have an old Sony KV28-FX60 television I need some help on problems that I am getting.

    About 12 months ago I started getting problems where the image was leaning across the width of the screen.

    I decided to use my extended cover and get it fixed, wasn't that impressed.

    Now I've again started seeing problems with the screen.

    Last nite I performed the stereo test from the Platinum DVD on the TV speakers and when the right speaker produced noise, I got a funny ripple across the screen. I have never noticed this before when watching TV but does this mean that there is not enough magnetic sheilding ?

    Is it possible it hasn't been put back together correctly ?

    Also, I have seen numerous web articles about adjusting picture settings from the service menu on both this TV and the 32 inch version (KV32-FX60), can these help with my slooping problems?

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