Old Sony BDP-S760 DVD Player vs. New Sony UBP-X700 DVD player


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Considering changing my old Sony BDP-S760 DVD player with new Sony UBP-X700 DVD player with 4K capability.
Reviews of Sony current model UBP-X700 look favourable however, apart from having 4K capability, is it a significantly better machine than the old BDP-S760?
It appears that if I'm only after a machine with 4K capability and in all other respects the old BDP-S760 is equal to the new UBP-X700 DVD player, even at £200, it seems a lot to pay just to achieve 4K.
Unless Sony do upgrades of course but I would suspect this would not be far off the cost of buying a new machine.
Would appreciate thoughts from others, particularly those familiar with these players.


The obvious answer is going to be yes it's an improvement because it will give you the better image quality and colour depth available from 4K discs. A lot of that statement will also depend on the quality of your TV or display.

If your TV is of such quality then the upscaling can bring it's own rewards from standard 1080 discs and programmes. The vast majority of 4K discs also have Atmos or DTS:X (which brings it's own problems if you have a Sony receiver) and these sound formats would only be of value if you have a minimum 5.1.2 set up.

The difference between the image quality of a 4K disc and 1080 blu ray is a lot closer than the DVD to blu ray quality was. As such if a blu ray has an Atmos or DTS:X soundtrack then I'll perhaps consider that disc over the 4K as at £25 average for 4K is taking the wee wee really especially when they often bundle a blu ray disc in with the 4K.

I bought a 4K player some eighteen months ago, not a Sony, but I've only purchased sixteen 4K discs in that time with most of those being on offer.

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