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Hi all hope you can stear me right with a couple of questions

i'll explain what i have first

1. living room. Samsung UE65ru7470uxu >10m coaxial >in wall coaxial > internal terestrial antenna inside the loft > shi**y reception
2. bedroom. philips TV >STB satellite reciever > sky installed f type cable > sky multi room LNB dish > great signal

the multi room LNB has TWO cables down my outside wall into my living room where i snipped them to about 3" from the wall

the new TV has Freesat and it looks like i could configure satellite...what are the differances

I tried the cheep option £3 (since i have tv coaxial stapled to the wall) to connect a coaxial female connector direct to the cable(s) going to the LNB and a F type to coaxial adapter screwed into sat in on tv with 10m tv coaxial connecting them.

I tried auto tuning TV putting the search to "freesat" but it says it doesnt detect a dish.

since i know the set top box gets a good signal i set it up downstairs plugged it into hd on the new tv and says it has no signal :-(

Question 1 there are 2 cables coming through from LNB is one sending a signal to reciever and the other would have sent a signal back to sky (i tried both anyway)

Question 2 is it likely its just the wrong cable and i should get the F plug type satellite cable ripping out the older coaxial cable... staples and all

thanks in advance for your help :)
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I think that your problem is that you have connected a Belling-Lee female connector to the Sat down feed In the living room. That will not work for a Sat signal. You need to remove the Belling-Lee and attach an F-connector to this cable, then a barrel connector then connect another length of CT100 / WF100 sat cable with another F-connector on each end. Then screw this into your TVs Sat input.

LNB - F Connector —-CT100—-F Connector — Barrel Connector —- F Connector —- CT100—F Connector — TV
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I might have guessed the easy way wouldnt work
I'll pick the parts up and try this today

sods law I'll have to pull off the old coaxial I pray i dont mess up the wallpaper


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thanks Mushii

I set it all up as you said and i now have 154 crystal clear channels

who knew the differance the correct cable makes..... :cool: ok.... this is the wrong forum to make that remark!

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