Old Skool Sony KDL-46X2000 - does it have a HD Tuner?


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Apr 25, 2006
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Stirling, Scotland
I inherited an old skool Sony KDL-46X2000 TV in a house I recently purchased. Getting on a bit, quite fat and chunky on the wall, but screen is still looking alright and worth using until it dies. It's full 1080p, and happily takes 1080p input over HDMI. However, I haven't managed to get it to pick up any HD TV channels on Freeview.

Can anyone confirm if this TV actually has a HD DVB tuner built in?

I've re-tuned the thing numerous times.
The system info screen on the TV indicates signal strength is high (green).
I've inspected aerial cables, connections etc. Seem fine and all copper foil and braid screened coax.
The wall socket is a screened model which takes TV + SAT in, has Return out, with TV, FM and F-Type sat sockets plus telephone on the front.
Other TV's in the same house sharing the same roof aerial via a loft distribution amp pick up HD channels fine (albeit with different channel numbering!)

I can't seem to find any info that confirms it has a HD tuner built in and whether or not I'm on a wild goose chase here.

Separately, I can't get any sound out of it over optical. Got the red laser light out, but nothing else. Maybe it is slowly dying bit by bit...
no, it don't
you could try using a you view box on it.
It doesn’t have an HD tuner.
When you say you can't get sound via optical…go into the Digital audio out settings and set it to PCM.
very odd because I have just got one today as well.
I do not have a stand but the Freeview seems fine

Yep, very odd for Sony to have put only an SD tuner on their flagship (at the time) first full HD 1080p TV, bonkers!

Never could get anything from the optical out, even with everything set as PCM out.

As it happens, I've just picked up a projector for my main cinema room, so I'll be shuffling TVs around in near future and this one will be the one to be replaced with my Sony 55HX853. Not just because of the lack of HD tuner and working optical, but also because I since discovered this old 46X2000 uses around 250W of electricity! Compared to ~70W for my 55HX853 and 30W for another slight newer 40" Sony TV I have. On the plus side, the old one uses nothing on standby (too little to register), whilst my others use 10-30W...
I have a similar age 32" and found it would use 125 watts, so lucky it's in a spare bedroom and is very rarely used. I had the similar 40W2000 from new and confirm that it didn't have a HD tuner as they weren't common at the time; I think it was some time after that I managed to buy a PVR with HD tuner to use for BBC & ITV HD channels (or whatever was available at the time).

I think we forget how things have moved on in the last 10-12 years (or whatever it is). Even a more recent 32EX403 model I have in the kitchen takes 70 watts and the picture doesn't look as good as my newer TVs.

Now I'll go back to looking for a replacement for the EX403 that uses less power and has a better picture...
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Just tried it on sky looks really good on HD

will take ages for the video to go to HD but it will make a good PC screen or gaming TV.

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