Old School - Panasonic NV-DS5. Can I copy the video onto my PC?


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Hi All,

Hopefully It'll be a simple answer to a simple question!

I've borrowed my friends old 'corder, and it seems to do the job that I need for the moment, in fact as it was £1,400 new 9 years ago it's probably as good as a new £200 job!

Anyway, I managed to find the original user manual for it online at Panasonic's web-site and it states that it can only copy digital still images to a computer.

Is this a physical hardware issue, or simply that 10 years ago PCs able to do this were in the realm of pros only and therefore you had to use a 'home editing desk'?

I'm assuming it'll be a simple case of fire-wire cable and some appropriate editing software to convert the tape to digital, but I'm a novice here.

Thanks all!



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If its Mini -dv and has a firewire connection then yes just capture with appropriate software if you have xp then you have windows movie maker that will do it .You do not need to convert to digital it already is if its mini -dv and if it is'nt a wee bit Pompous in its probably as good as todays £200 models dont you think


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Thanks for the reply Jay.

If it came across as pompous then I apologise, as it was not meant in that way. I was stating that in my opinion the quality of the image that I've been getting off of it, the low light ability, the decent optical zoom, image stabilisation and decent sized LCD that it has is as good as I would expect from a new £200 camcorder.

No offense intended. :oops:



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Now that we've cleared that.. *coughs* :) It should be possible with Firewire to capture the video to the PC
The choice of word ( capture, not copy) is deliberate. Although in practical terms you are simple transfering what is on the video tape to a PC it is more of " streaming of data at high speed rather than a simple "drag and drop" or "copy and paste" affair. Copy is hoever appopriate with HDD models which have USB connections to aid transfer of their mpeg2 video files
As one of the really early MiniDV models I recall reading they had not standardised timecode and only some Panasonic hardware could read that.
To that extent the earlier models were less "standard than newer ones
However as has been stated in recent threads. there are very few if any "high end " consumer camcorders any more.
Cost cutting and pushing simplicity over versatility seems to be the marketing aim as any manual features have all but vanished



I am looking for user manula in PDF for a long long time but dont seam to find. if any you guys have the camera and also a PDF manula, please send me a coipy
My email is

[email protected]
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