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hi all, i moved house about 18 months back and only just got my ps2 back out off the box. My problem is i had it modded way back and i cant remember how to play backup games on it? Its a version 3 ps2 and the mod chip is a 12C509/P. I have to use it with DVD Region X. Anyone know what the name of this mod chip is and how to use it ???
Thanks Ian.


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Hi Ian,

At a guess i would say its the NEO2 or NEO2.2 modchip. I also had one of these untill recently when i upgraded the chip to a Messiah Pro 2.

Anyway, i dont think i can post on here to boot backups using your modchip so if you need some help then PM me and i will send you info on how to boot your backups.

On another note if you plan to use your PS2 more in the future i would suggest a modchip upgrade (about 60quid) as most games these days are on DVD's and the NEO2.2 cant boot those only CDr backups. There is a way of boot DVD-R backups but its a pain and to much hassel.



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