Old projector dead so time for a new one


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Hello, so I'm looking for a new projector as my v old one h5360 dmd chip is dying, it's typical as Iv just started using it again and set it up in my loft.
Here's what I'm looking for.
A projector around £1000 give or take depending if it's really worth it.
It will be setup in my loft so near blackout conditions. I have a 120" 16:9 screen and I currently have the setup of the projector near middle level to the screen at around 4.2 meters away, that's about as far back as I could put it.
I am 99% of the time going to be playing online xbox one games like black ops 3 so will need something to help my game.
Things I don't like about my current projector is that when I have watched movies in the past anything fast moving on the screen causes havoc, the picture could be better and there's no audio out.

I know there is allot of other post out there which I have looked at a few but I find projectors are more personal to how it will be used so I thought I'd come for the expert advice of all of you.

Thanks for reading.



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Hi Matt,

Have you considered the Epson EH-TW6600? It's current price makes it very attractive and would have plenty of benefits stacked against the Acer.


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Thanks yea i have been lookin at this and is top of my list so far. I'm now wondering if I spent more on the projector what else I could get and would it be worth the extra money compared to the 6600 say I spent £1700ish, any ideas?


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So im looking also at the Sony vpl hw40es @£1800ish how would this compare to the tw6600 for my type of application and is it worth the extra wonga?

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